Thursday, July 14, 2016

Eunice was the fourth child, second girl born to Louis and Laura Oehring.  Laura was ill for quite a while after Eunice's birth and that may be why there are no photos of a baby Eunice.

These are the earliest photos of my mother, here with her sister on her second birthday, June 24, 1911.

This is Eunice on her third birthday.

This is the home in which Eunice was born.  I am not sure of the location.  I had the little "taborette" table under the plant.  Uncle Lyman, the oldest sibling, had one of the rockers.  Nothing else seems to have survived.


When war broke out in 1917, Eunice's older brother, Lyman begged his parents to allow him to enlist months before his legal birthdate.  They finally relented and the family backed him 100%.
The girls were in awe of their older brother when he came home before being sent to France and Germany. 
 During this time they knitted and crochet washcloths for him while their mother knitted sweaters and socks to add to his issued uniform.

The Oehring grandparents were both from Germany and had relatives fighting on both sides of the war.  Louis wouldn't allow the German language to be spoken in his home, which was  hard on his widowed mother who spoke little English.  The girls are here with their grandmother, Johanna Schultheiss Oehring.  Johanna didn't wear "modern dress" until she was very old.
Mother Laura and Aunt Carrie with Eunice and Jane headed for Bob Lo Island Amusement park.

Jane and Eunice inback yard of a home in Detroit, Michigan...Boston Blvd. area.

Eunice and the family car.

Clifford and Eunice met through some joint activities of the Palestine Junior Girls and the DemoLay boys, namely, a play in which Clifford was the grandfather to Eunice's character.  They all had meetings in the Detroit Masonic Temple.

Clifford Anderson and Eunice dating her Senior year of high school.  He was in college.  They broke up in June when she graduated in 1929.
Eunice and Jane were sharing an apartment after both parents died in 1931.
 Jane and Eunice had a tight circle of friends who were extra important after their parents died.
Sisters Jane and Eunice waiting for their dates, Alex and Clifford

Engagement Photo - Eunice and Clifford - 1932

Portrait Eunice had taken for Clifford for his birthday just before their wedding, May 1934

The new Mr. and Mrs Clifford Anderson on June 28, 1934

Mr. and Mrs. Anderson at Gratiot Inn - honeymoon
Delray General Hospital in Delray, Michigan where Eunice was ill from Thanksgiving through the New Year in 1934. 
Jane (in cape) and Eunice (fur collar) with unknown friend.  Young professionals. Detroit, Michigan, date unknown.

Jane, Thelma, and Eunice at cottage in Pentwater, Michigan.  Those are "beach pajamas".
Eunice visiting "Aunt" Mildred, Cliff's Godmother living in Woodstock, Ontario in 1935.
Eunice Pregnant with Laura Lou on Mother's Day 1938 in Gibraltar, Michigan.